Pentagram Tarot Box


A unique box to house your favourite deck.

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Cast in the finest resin this box is a fantastic gift for those in your life with the power of fortune telling.

Each side has a pentagram at the centre, surrounded by astrological symbols and the phases of the moon. With the sun and moon emblazoned in the corners, the top has an alchemical symbol of power, surrounded by celestial orbs. Alchemical symbols border the rim, while ivy and lichen creep over the whole, giving it the appearance of an ancient stone altar in the depths of a magical Fantasy forest. Spacious enough to comfortably hold your favourite deck of tarot cards, this piece is perfect for setting the mood for any reading, adding to the already mystically charged atmosphere.

You could also use this box to store jewellery or crystals, or even use it as a manifestation box.

This box is solid and heavy, and measures 17.5 cm x 12.5 cm x 8.2 cm.