Dragon Oracle Cards


Dragons are etheric beings of the angelic realm and this beautifully illustrated card deck will nourish your spiritual growth and help you overcome life challenges.

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The Dragon Oracle card deck by Diana Cooper includes a 44-card deck and 115 page guidebook.

This deck captures the magnificent power of dragon guides to assist the user on their spiritual path. Beautifully presented in sliding box and illustrated by Carla Lee Morrow.

About the Deck
A beautiful and unique 44-card deck and guidebook, featuring earth, air, fire and water dragons to assist readers with spiritual growth and the transition to the new Golden Age.

Dragons are beautiful, wise, openhearted, etheric beings of the angelic realms and can assist us in a myriad of ways. Dragons operate on a different vibrational frequency from us, and even though they are difficult to see, they are always willing to connect with us when we are ready to tune in to their wavelength. The dragons’ deep love for the planet and humans mean they are now descending on Earth in their multitudes to help us transition into the new Golden Age.

As you work with the beautifully illustrated Dragon Oracle Cards, you’ll discover how dragons can offer friendship and companionship, support your life, assist your spiritual growth and illuminate your ascension path. You will also discover how to attune to each of the different dragons, receive guidance about your daily life, your soul mission and your ascension path, and learn how you can best serve the planet.

Pack Includes: 44 Card Deck and 115 Page Guidebook

Card Size: Approximately 9 x 12.5 cm (3.5 x 5″).

More About the Symbol of the Dragon
Western dragons are seen as being distinctly different from their Eastern counterparts. Legends originating in European countries portray dragons as giant winged fire-breathing creatures that are usually feared by humans.  Many stories tell of men who battle against all obstacles to fight the scary dragons, get past them and gain access to the riches and wealth hidden in dragon dens. The epic hero, Beowulf, is just one example of someone who attempted to fight a treasure-guarding dragon – although in his case he failed and was killed. The defining characteristic of a Western dragon symbol is that it represents power. Having an image of a Western dragon can help in expressing feelings of self-esteem, but they’re also popular with dragon fans.

About Diana Cooper 

Diana Cooper had an angel visitation many years ago and this changed her life. Later the angels reappeared and asked her to tell the world about them. Since then she has travelled world wide, spreading their light and wisdom. She is now an international author of many best-selling books, divination and angel cards and meditation CDs. She is principal of the Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascension which organsies Angel Awareness Day and offers certified teaching courses. She travels worldwide spreading illumination and higher wisdom


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