The Modern Witch Tarot Journal


Take your tarot readings to the next level!

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For those of you that have bought or are thinking of buying the Modern Witch Tarot deck, you may want more in depth guide to using the cards. This journal is also compatible with any Rider-Waite inspired deck, so if you want to use this as a guide to finding your way around another deck then this is ideal.

The Modern Witch Tarot Journal is far more than a guidebook.  It has sections on:

CARD MEANINGS: build your own personal reference guide and log your reflections on each card
TAROT READINGS: record your readings and interpretations, with space both for shorter and more complex readings track your personal growth!
TAROT SPREADS: collect your favourite spreads and learn how to create your own
TAROT DECKS: keep track of your tarot deck inventory, wish list and deck interviews
BOOKS AND ONLINE RESOURCES: record all your favourite tarot books, blogs, Insta-witches and more
TAROT CIRCLE: a directory to of the people in your tarot circle, professional readers, meetings and events an organised coven is a happy coven!

Lavishly illustrated with all new full-page colour artwork by Lisa Sterle, Modern Witch Tarot Journal has a soft faux-leather cover with the Modern Witch logo embossed on the back.

Use it with Modern Witch Tarot, or any of your favourite tarot decks!

250 pages | 120gsm uncoated woodfree paper | ribbon bookmark