Black Candle Box


A gorgeous black storage box for candles, jewellery, stationary, crystals and more.

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This hand decorated little wooden witchy box is black on the inside and outside. Inside is a little bit special as it has a yellow resin base decorated with gold glitter suspended in it. The inside lid is adorned with purple sparkly stars. There is a tiny magnet that holds the lid on when closed.

Also included in this box are six spell candles – Yellow, Purple, Light Blue, Pink, Green and Orange. I’ve sealed them together so that they don’t get damaged, and I’ve included a little green ribbon that you can use in a spell if you wish.

These are paraffin wax candles, so you may find some colour transfer between candles.

I’ve also included six rose scented incense cones and I’ve lined the bottom with white shredded tissue paper for extra protection.

This is an ideal Yule gift for a witchy someone as they could use some the contents in Imbolc spells and rituals.

Please place incense cones on a heatproof surface before burning and keep away from children and pets.


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