Love Spell

Spring is in the air!

February 6, 2021 0 By Saranne Mallinson

Yesterday the sunshine was quite warm to feel on the skin, and I’ve seen a few daisies already popping up in the garden. We have one more cold snap to go this weekend before temperatures start to rise.  I’ve been doing a bit of spring cleaning this week; washing the windows inside and out and making a few changes to the garden ready for spring. I normally grow herbs in my garden but I may expand them to tomatoes this year. I also have some Forget me nots to plant in remembrance of someone.

As we are still in lockdown, the following rules are still in place:

1) We will remain open for trade online as normal. To help facilitate this, I will continue to offer free delivery on all items over £20, so make sure you tick this option at the checkout.
2) We will not be offering face to face sales at this time, and will be suspending out click and collect service until restrictions are lifted.
3) We have also put a pause on people coming to look through items in person. This means that you won’t be able to come and choose your own crystals for the time being.
Thank you for your continued support with this. Covid has made it difficult to trade.
Mini Love Spell
I’ve put a few Valentine’s things into the shop this week. In addition to my lovely jewellery range, I’ve put together some spell kits for you to try at home or to incorporate into your own magickal work!
Love spells work best on a Friday as this day belongs to Venus!  The gemstones are emeralds, the colour is green, and the number is 9. The basic influences for Venus are love, sex and relationships; the magickal influences are love, lust, and friendship.  Valentines falls in a Sunday this year, so you can do your major spell work on the Friday before to add some extra power, just in time for the weekend.
If you’re not fussed about Valentines day, and want to give your love magick a bit of a cosmic kick, then try your spell on April 9th , as it falls on a Friday in 2021. Also, if you don’t mind waiting you can incorporate your love magick into your full moon work on the 9th October 2022!