New Stock Items!

March 5, 2020 0 By Saranne Mallinson

Have you seen enough rain yet? Here at Something Wiccan we’ve been hoping to see some sunshine, but in the meantime, I’ve been indoors creating. I like to make things by hand to transfer positive energy and to give my customers something unique.

Over the last week I have made some more boxes. These ones have taken 12 hours each to make by hand, and I have also filled them with goodies. This means that each one is different and unique!

Please have a look inside them here:

Red Jasper Keepsake Box

Red Jasper Keepsake
Amethyst Keepsake Box

Aventurine Box
Aventurine Keepsake Box


I’ve also hand decorated another wooden box and filled it with goodies!

Witch’s Ambry

Black Ambry

I have also got a couple of other new things in stock from one of my suppliers:

Suede Dreamcatcher

Witch and Wizard Mug Set

Witch & Wizard Mugs
Rectagular Triple Moon Cushion

Rectangular Triple Moon Cushion
Black and White Pentagram Cushion
Pentagram Cushion

Have a Blessed weekend!

Saranne )0(