Zombie Hand Pendant 1


‘Hand’ made zombie hand.

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Handmade zombie hand, created in resin and set into hallmarked sterling silver. The ideal compliment to your Halloween outfit this year.

I initially sculpted this hand in Super Sculpey,  and then took a cast of it in silicone to create a mould. From there I casted the hand in epoxy resin, and handpainted it using acrylic paints. After it dried, I sealed the colours in using a coat of resin.

Once the pendant was finished I set in a 925 hallmarked sterling silver pendant bail so that you can wear this as a pendant. It will come with a simple black thong necklace, but you can transfer it to a sterling silver chain if you prefer.

I may take more casts of this hand, however each one will be painted differently and will have different physical imperfections from the casting process, so no two pendants will be alike.


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