Witch’s Ambry


A beautiful handmade and hand decorated storage box packed with witchy goodies.

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Black is often deemed to be negative, and had dark connotations because of what we see in the movies and in the media. However, this is a colour that can be used in spells for focus, independence, banishing, binding, protection and growing your confidence. The color black absorbs all other colours and energy, so it can be used in drawing spells (these are spells that help bring those things that are just out of your reach closer to you).

Correspondences for black include:

Element: Air of Earth
Direction: East
Day: Saturday
Planet: Saturn
Tarot: The Queens, The Threes
Stones: Apache Tears, Hematite, Black Sapphire, Jet, Obsidian, Onyx

Inside, it is decorated with red tissue paper, and contains the following:

  • Hematite elasticated crystal chip bracelet
  • A pack of 12 palo santo incense cones. Mostly used for spiritual and house purification to clear negative energy.
  • Banded obsidian apache tear crystal pendant on a thong
  • Small obsidian crystal heart pendant on a thong
  • Two black spell candles
  • A white spell candle
  • A pentacle spell candle holder
  • A phial of black salt made on Samhain

The box has a lot of energy, and will be a useful place to store crystals or your tarot cards, or just for somewhere to keep your spell candles and spell paraphernalia.

RRP of box and contents: £19.50


Dimensions: 14cm x 9cm x 8.5cm


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