Beltane Incense

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A special hand blended incense made by myself for Beltane

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A special hand blended incense made by myself for Beltane. The ingredients are:


Dragons Blood

Dried Patchouli

Dried Rose Petals 

Orange essential oil 

Since blending it I’ve also added some springtime wild flowers that I dried this time last year, so there are daisies and buttercups and some petals of other dries spring flowers from trees. There is around 10-11g of incense. You can always dry your own flower collections and add to the incense to make it personal.

Two packs come in jars and another one just comes in a packet. As a kitchen witch I collect jars and recycle them into other things (like spell jars), but I didn’t have enough little ones! (What kind of Kitchen Witch runs out of jars?!).  I never charge for recycled jars, and I can put the incense in a small bag instead if you prefer. I’ve also subsidised the postage too on this item.

With each pack of incense comes a green and a brown beeswax candle wrapped in red ribbon, and three charcoal discs to burn your incense on.

The best place to burn your incense is in your cauldron, but if you are using your cauldron for other things you could use a different heatproof surface.



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