Baby Amethyst Spheres


2cm amethyst crystal sphere

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These 2 cm Amethyst Spheres are a rich purple in colour, highly polished and smooth to the touch. They are an ideal size to keep in your pocket or purse or with a tiny piece of blue tack can be held in place on a bedside table or shelf. Being made from natural crystal the colourings and patterns on the surface may differ slightly from cyrstal to crystal, but quality is constant. Price is per crystal.

More About Amethyst
The wonderfully coloured amethyst, with its variety of shades of purple reminds us of the spiritual thread that runs through our life and can be used as a tool to aid spiritual awakening and intuition. Amethyst can bring a calming influence and therefore be of great help in times of change. It’s excellent to hold or have by you when you’re practicing meditation and when placed in a room it can help absorb negativity. Placed under the pillow it may help you sleep better.


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