Witch & Wizard Mugs

Covid-19 Update

March 18, 2020 0 By Saranne Mallinson

Good morning everyone

I hope this finds you well.

You’ve probably seen other shops and companies making announcements about their COVID-19 policies. Here is a little bit from us. In a nutshell, we are still trading and are open for business, both face to face in Crawley, and online.

1) At the moment, we are only accepting card and contactless payments for face to face sales for the time being. This includes any payment on delivery orders that are placed through the website.
Nothing will change for online sales for the time being. We buy our postage online so contact with cashiers is minimal.

2) There is vigorous handwashing going on at the moment!  Also, when anyone comes in from outside they wash hands and faces before touching stock. We also have disposable gloves now to handle stock and make face to face sales.

3) All stock is kept in plastic containers to protect it. This is a standard practice, as it protects it from damage as well.

4) We are starting to run into supply chain issues. At the moment, I can still order stock as most of my suppliers are UK based; however, problems are now arising with delivery couriers such as UPS, and my latest order of mugs is sitting in a UPS depot, with an unknown delivery date due to staff shortages. Although I make a lot of items myself, I may not be able to replenish my stores until after this period has passed.

5) This leads onto my next point. We use Royal Mail to dispatch our items. We buy our postage online, however we still rely on Royal Mail logistics to get your items to you. Everything we send is tracked and signed for, so that you can see where your parcel is at all times. They have called off their strike in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, so they will still be running a service.

Many small businesses will suffer over the next few months, so please continue to shop at your favourite places and support small business owners. I’ll update you if anything changes.

Thank you for your continued support