Protection Spell Jar


A protection spell in a jar.

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As a kitchen witch I wanted to create some protection spell jars, to protect from negativity and cleanse negative energy in the area.  I felt the energy from these little jars as I was creating them!

Inside the jar is black spell candle wax from the candle I burned during the ceremony. Also each jar contains pure sea salt, dried bay leaves, dried basil, dried garlic, dried oregano, and dried cloves; in addition to a small amethyst crystal and some raw selenite.

I’ve sealed each jar with the wax from the spell candle I used with intentions of protecting the bearer from negative energy, gossip, and negative thoughts.

5cm high by 3.5cm wide, and approx. 60g. I recycled some mini jam jars for this so they are slightly larger than the usual pocket-sized ones.



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