Mini Love Spell Bag


Looking for love and need a little help?

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This is a cute little bag comes stuffed with dried rose petals, a medium rose quartz crystal, a rose scented incense cone and a couple of small spells. Everything you need for the spells are in the bag! This is ideal if you are single and on the lookout for a new love.

You can always incorporate this into a bigger love spell.

Love spells work best on a Friday as this day belongs to Venus!  The gemstones are emeralds, the colour is green, and the number is 9. The basic influences for Venus are love, sex and relationships; the magickal influences are love, lust, and friendship.  Valentines falls in a Sunday this year, so you can do your major spell work on the Friday before to add some extra power, just in time for the weekend.

You may want to charge your crystals before performing the spell. The next full moon is the Wolf Moon on the 28th January. If you miss it, these stones are OK to charge in sunlight.

Want some more power behind your love magick?  April 9th falls on a Friday in 2021. Also, if you don’t mind waiting you can incorporate your love magick into your full moon work on the 9th October 2022!

Please place incense cones on a heatproof surface before burning and keep away from children and pets.


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