Love Spell Box


A gorgeous pink and white box containing a love spell and ingredients.

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This wonderful little box includes a love spell!  The first thing you will smell is the scent of roses.

Love spells work best on a Friday as this day belongs to Venus!  The gemstones are emeralds, the colour is green, and the number is 9. The basic influences for Venus are love, sex and relationships; the magickal influences are love, lust, and friendship.

In the box:

A love spell from my own book of shadows. Printed on luxury antique laid paper and placed in an envelope.

A medium tumbled rose quartz crystal.

A medium tumbled emerald crystal.

Four rose scented incense cones. Burn one during your spell, and one a day for the next three days.

Dried rose petals for your ritual bath and for your altar during the spell.

Five spell candles. Altar white, green for Venus, pink for love and friendship, red for lust, and orange for success (not needed for the spell but you could incorporate some success work within your spell).

A red ribbon. Not needed for the spell but there if you wanted to incorporate it.


You will need some additional ingredients:

An oil medium (could be olive, coconut etc.)

Fragrance – an essential oil or your favourite scent




The box itself is hand decorated by me, and is white on the outside and deep rose pink on the inside. There is a tiny magnet that holds the lid on when closed.


Want some more power behind your love magick?  April 9th falls on a Friday in 2021. Also, if you don’t mind waiting you can incorporate your love magick into your full moon work on the 9th October 2022!

Please place incense cones on a heatproof surface before burning and keep away from children and pets.