Black Pentagram Candle Holders


Pentagram candle holders

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These candleholders are made of ceramic, and have been hand decorated black with glitter stars, and sealed with epoxy resin. I put a copper coloured mica into the resin to create a shimmer, so you may see glimpses of red!

This candleholder takes two different types of candles – tealights/nighlights and dinner candles. To give you a sense of diameter, the Vampire Tears Candles fit in nicely.

For best effects and for safety, use LED tealights and candles. If you want to use real candles, use on a heat-proof surface. Do not leave candles unattended. Check that holder is cool before picking up.

As they are ceramic, they have a bit of weight to them; and as they are handmade, there are minor variations between them.