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September 21, 2020 0 By Saranne Mallinson

Good afternoon lovely people!

Now that Mabon is here I’m ready for apple pie and pumpkin soup, but we still have a few days of summer left before I can get cosy with my autumn favourites. My freezer is full this year. I have chopped up lots of apple and pumpkin, and even have strawberries, blueberries and cranberries nicely frozen. The fruit will make nice toppings for overnight oats, or a warming cinnamon spice fruit crumble. I give grateful thanks for the plentiful harvest this year.

I’ve had trouble sourcing basic altar things for the shop this year; probably due to Covid interrupting various supply chains. So, I’ve decided to create a few things that I hope you will like and I have listed them in the Altar section of the shop:

Altar Cloths

This is something many of you said you found difficult to get. I currently have four different kinds of altar cloth in stock, with more planned.

There are two different pentagram designs, a lovely star sign design and I’ve created some Harry Potter ones using black cotton stamped with small gold Deathly Hallows symbols. I am currently using one of these myself and I can say it looks great!

Black Altar Cloth with Deathly Hallows Symbols

I will introduce other lines for Yule; I am making some with black cotton decorated with a poinsettia, holly, and mistletoe print at the moment. The homemade ones are also decorated with a black lace tassel edge. I do have a white Jule print one available too. I’ll start listing Yule decorations after Halloween.


I now have a selection of resin cast wands in stock, including some that I have personally customised. In addition to this, I have a handmade polymer clay one-off wand and some selenite wands in stock. Over all, I currently have six lines in which I hope to expand.

Handmade Large Silver Serpent Wand


I’ve started putting some of my spells and charms up on the website. These ones are quite simple that you can do with minimal ingredients at home. I will assume that you can source some basics, for example gathering things from outside and any food items you may need, but for anything specific to the spell, ritual or charm that you are not expected to source yourself, I’ll include in the pack. For example, my Cleansing Ritual includes home made lavender soap, so that will be included within the spell pack, but the citrus you need won’t be.

Cleansing Bath Ritual

They are all printed on antique laid paper. I’ll upload them as and when over the next few weeks so keep an eye out in the Altar section of the shop for Spells.

It is worth noting that although I have used personal concerns in spells, I won’t be putting spells up that require these. I can put spells together that will require personal concerns but they are specific to the task at hand and these will need to be on a ‘buy to order’ basis. Do get in touch if you need something like this; such as for protection or a binding spell.


I have a wonderful range of incenses in stock at very reasonable prices. I also hand blend resin based incenses, so over the next few weeks I will be mixing up more resin incense packets and putting them up on the website. Hand blended incenses is something I currently include in my personalised witchy boxes, and currently have two packs in each of my handmade Tarot Card Boxes, along with some crystals. You can find one of them here:

Tarot Card Box

You can find my existing range of incenses in the Incenses and Smudge section of the shop. I will be adding new handmade resin incenses in due course.


Something I am expanding at the moment is my Crystal range. I have had a lot of difficulty getting hold of crystals at a reasonable price so that they are not too expensive to sell on.

I am expecting a new order of several different varieties of crystal in within the next month. In the meantime, my crystals can be found here:

Handmade Candle Holders

I’m working on creating some spell candle holders for your altar, but in the meantime, I have a few hand decorated ceramic candle holders for you. These ones are black, but I have some red ones currently in the making!

Black Pentagram Candle Holders

Some other ones here

Triple Moon Tealight Candle Holder with candles

I stock other items, such as cauldrons and altar tables. If there is anything you need me to stock, please get in touch here: 


I enjoy making stuff by hand and am in the process of uploading some handmade witches! You can use these to decorate your altar, your home, or even hang on your Yule tree!

Handmade Witch

Have a blessed Mabon