October 16, 2021 0 By Saranne Mallinson

This is my most favourite time of the year. I love the cooler days, the falling leaves, and wrapping up for an autumnal walk.  We also got married on Samhain, making it possible for loved ones who had passed to attend. If you are getting married on Samhain, set an extra place at your wedding breakfast and invite your passed loved one to attend.

If you are sensitive to spirits, you will have noticed the veil has been thinning between this work and the spirit world. On Samhain, the veil is at its thinnest and you can use this night to communicate with spirits.  There are many ways to do this; through meditation and trances, or other methods such as Ouija boards. Many people are scared or Ouija boards, but they are just pieces of wood with writing on them. I have some available in my shop, and I have included a guide on how to use them. Samhain is also a powerful time for divination, candle magick, astral projection and mirror magick.

Your altar

Incorporate black for death and endings, white for beginnings, orange for the vitality of life within death, and purple for wisdom, insight and inspiration.

Add the following:

  • A black candle to honour the passage to the Summerland and the Ancestors, and for the Lord and the old year. A white candle for the Lady and the new year on November 1st. You can also have orange, purple and brown candles.
  • Burn some purifying incense and cleanse your sacred space. Sage is probably most familiar, but you can burn for others like sandalwood, lavender, frankincense or myrrh. Using an incense that will help with psychic ability will also help you connect to you your ancestors. I have sandalwood ready to use on my altar as it represents the femininity of the moon and offers protection. It can also be used for purification and consecration.
  • Seasonal foliage and food. This time of year, try collecting and drying some fallen leaves and acorns, freshly picked berries or late apples, rosemary, and place a small pumpkin on your altar. Oak and acorns have their own magickal protective properties. You can keep one of the acorns and plant it under the next new moon to encourage the growth of abundance, and carrying one in your pocket will bring you creative ideas. You can also put cooked foods onto your altar, such as gingerbread and chestnuts, and if you prefer, put a drink there in a cup such as mulled wine. I get mulled wine in from the start of October but it doesn’t last very long in our house!  You can also do something simple, by setting an extra place at the dinner table on Samhain for a loved one who has passed.
  • Photos of deceased loved ones as a way to honour your ancestors. I have my father and his mother on my altar. I also have a few tarot cards on my altar. I have death to represent Samhain as the old year ends and the new year begins, and I have added the Emperor to my altar to represent my father’s father, as I don’t have a photo of him.
  • Crystals. I have obsidian and lapis lazuli to help me connect to my ancestors, but you can have others such as onyx, tourmaline or jet.
  • Cauldron. The cauldron for me represents the womb and beginnings and endings, and could be integrated in your end of year work. For example, you could write a list of all the things you want to let go of and burn it in your cauldron and offer up a prayer. This can be worded in any way you like.

Remember, this isn’t an instruction book. Do whatever feels right for you!

Shop Stuff

I have lots of lovely altar items in stock at the moment, and if you order before 22nd October you’ll have it in time for Samhain.

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