Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon Magick 2021

September 14, 2021 0 By Saranne Mallinson

Harvest Moon Magick

The Harvest Moon falls on 21st September this year. At this time of year, the moon appears bright and rises early in the evening, and the tradition is that it gave farmers enough light to continue harvesting crops into the night. It is also known as the Barley Moon or Corn Moon, and is the nearest full moon to the autumnal equinox. This equinox is special because the time between one moonrise to the next around this period becomes shorter.  This is known as the Harvest Moon Effect, and occurs due to the low angle the Moon’s orbit around Earth makes with the horizon during this time of year.  If we get clear skies, then you should see a wonderful full moon around 8-9pm onwards.
This year’s autumn equinox falls on 22nd September.
Did you know that bathing Tarot cards in the light of a full moon cleanses and charges them with energy? This is great if you have a new or gifted deck, or if you want to reconnect with a deck that you haven’t used for a while. You can choose a specific zodiac in which to charge your cards under, or for example if you want to amplify your intentions. We are currently in the zodiac of Virgo, which brings worker energy to get things done. Virgo is organised, modest, hardworking and thinks critically.
During a full moon, you can prepare and drink a restorative elixir to energise your mind, body and spirit. Make a tea with spearmint (I grow lots of this in my garden) and jasmine flowers. For the more experienced, you can add mugwort to the tea. Mugwort is a mild hallucinogen, which may help clear the mind. Mugwort aids dream recall and can help with lucid dreaming. Drink the tea during the enchanted hour, outside in the glow of moonlight. You should feel more focused immediately.
In your work, try the following correspondences:
Colors: You could use brown and green candles, and decorate your altar with earthy tones to represent the changing of the landscape during the harvest season.
Gemstones: Anything that is red, yellow, green, brown and orange to represent the earth and the changing of the season. E.g. peridot, citrine, orange calcite, garnet, red or yellow jasper, picture jasper or amazonite.
Herbs: Do magick with sacred seasonal plants. The Harvest Moon is also good time to blend incenses using harvest plants and resins such as amber or frankincense, and then burn it in the evening. You will need a mortar and pestle, and burn your incense on a charcoal disc.
Element: Earth. The zodiac of Virgo is also an Earth sign, so the Harvest Moon in Virgo this is a powerful time to use Earth as an element.

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