Beltane Incense


April 13, 2021 0 By Saranne Mallinson

It really does feel that this year is going fast!

The next Sabbat upon us will be Beltane. This is a festival for springtime, blossoming love and fertility. Beltane represents the Great Wedding of the God and Goddess, and is a popular time for handfastings and betrothals. It is also a time for couple to spend the night in the woods (A-Maying) and of course there would be Beltane many babies born the following winter!

Beltane is a great time to make a wish box, or a manifestation box. Write things about your wishes on a piece of paper, whilst concentrating on your intentions. Place the paper in the box. Over time, add other things to support your wishes in order to manifest your desires. Some witches like to put earth into their manifestation box and plant seeds, so that their wishes materialise with the growing plants.

Any of my witchy boxes could be turned into a wish box or manifestations box, and most come with spells, incenses, crystals or candles.

Sacred Spiral Altar Box Tarot Card Goody Box

There are some other things you can do!

Your altar  Put some greenery on your altar. Beltane is the only time of the year where it is not unlucky to bring Hawthorn in. Hawthorn is a very powerful magickal tree, and represented fertility and sexuality. Beltane is also for flowers so decorate your altar with blossom, local wild flowers, or perhaps make a daisy chain.

Enjoy the outdoors!  You can spend the night outdoors or course, or your can collect flowers on a walk, or get up early and enjoy a sunrise.

The Maypole Did you know that Mayday traditions of dancing round a maypole is a Beltane tradition? You can go back to your pagan roots by finding a Birch, Rowan, or Hawthorne tree and celebrate. If none of these are local to you, pick a tree that you connect with and sit with it. Talk or sing to it. You can dance around it and also tie ribbons on and make wishes.

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Bright Blessings