Pumpkin Candle Holder

Halloween Bargains!

October 21, 2019 0 By Saranne Mallinson

Good morning everyone!

I am in full Halloween swing here at Something Wiccan HQ! I love Halloween, not just for the dressing up and the creative work I do, but because it is also my wedding anniversary.

To celebrate, I am offering big reductions on a number of lines just for the next ten days! All will be normal price again from 1st November.

My complete After Dark incense range is currently on sale at £2.99, just until the 31st October! There are six scents to choose from. Each pack comes with 30 incense sticks and an incense holder. A link to one of them is here: https://somethingwiccan.co.uk/shop/incense/after-dark-incense-sticks-with-holder-go-away-evil

After Dark Incense

My handmade Zombie Mask is just £3.00. This is made from a papier mache base, and I used acrylic paints, nail varnish and latex from my film making kit to make it look as nasty as possible! It comes with elastic to hold it on your face!  There is only one of these and I won’t be making any more this year. https://somethingwiccan.co.uk/shop/halloween/zombie-mask

My handmade Mummy Hand has been reduced to just £8.00. This is a cardboard and papier mache hand, decorated again with acrylic pains, nail varnish, and latex. I also added a real bandage! This is also one of its kind.  https://somethingwiccan.co.uk/shop/halloween/mummy-hand

Zombie Mask

Glass pumpkin nightlight holders. These come with an 8 hour nightlight ready for you light as part of your Halloween decorations for just £1.50 each. https://somethingwiccan.co.uk/shop/candles/glass-pumpkin-nightlight-holder

Pumpkin Candle Holder

4-Pack of Vampire Tears Candles! When you light these black candles the inner red wax runs down the side to create a bleeding effect. At just £4.50, nobody is selling them cheaper. Excellent for Halloween dinner parties or as part of your Halloween decorations set. The burn time is approximately 4 hours. https://somethingwiccan.co.uk/shop/candles/pack-of-4-vampire-tears-candles

Vampire Candles

Resting Witch Face stemless wine glasses. A must have for your Halloween party! These are on sale at just £6.99 so they are a real bargain. https://somethingwiccan.co.uk/shop/cups-and-glasses/resting-witch-face-stemless-wine-glass

Wine Glass

Hand decorated Halloween spider glass currently on sale at £2.99 each. These are an end of line product, and I only have two of these left in stock! https://somethingwiccan.co.uk/shop/cups-and-glasses/halloween-spider-glass

Halloween Glass

Witches Brew cauldron mug. Only £7.99 in the sale. This brilliant black mug is designed to look like a cauldron and features the words ‘Witches Brew’. https://somethingwiccan.co.uk/shop/wiccan/witches-brew-cauldron-mug


Black Pentagram Mug only £4.99 https://somethingwiccan.co.uk/shop/wiccan/black-pentagram-mug

Black Spirit Board Mug only £4.99 https://somethingwiccan.co.uk/shop/wiccan/talking-board-mug

Fancy something unique and spooky decorations this #Halloween?  How about some headstones with quirky messages, or even your name on for just £2.00?!  I’m making these for a film out of clay, and have capacity to make extra ones. These will be made to order, so no two will be the same. Please allow three days for me to make them in addition to postage/collection times. The are around 5cm in size. I can drill holes in them to turn them into hanging decorations.